Philomena's story

We found Philomena badly bruised and disoriented on the side of road and assumed that she had been hit by a car. We rushed her to hospital and after testing and imaging, it was revealed that she was not hit by a car, she was shot in head and left to die. The bullet entered through her jaw and traveled at an upward trajectory. It shattered her jaw, her nasal cavity, and got lodged behind her right eye, leaving her blind. She underwent surgery to remove her right eye and had a feeding tube placed while her jaw healed. She was tube fed for a few weeks and kept on a strict medication regimen for pain control. She has been healing well so far and gaining healthy weight, but Philomena still has a very long road to recovery and her doctors are unsure how Philomena’s eyesight and brain function will be affected in the long run. We are so grateful for your support and for sponsoring Philomena. Her medical care is impossible without your support, and we’re so happy that she is finally loved and cared for.