Disco Duck of Uncle Neil's Home

Disco Ducks's story

Disco Duck arrived at Uncle Neil’s Home in August of 2020 with her five other brothers and sisters. We received a plea for help from individuals who found six ducklings in bad shape in the middle of the road, so they took them in and placed them in a cardboard box where the ducklings were living for weeks. When we received photos of the ducklings, we knew that we had to help. They were filthy, lethargic, and living in box 24 hours a day. We offered them a safe landing at UNH, and drove to pick them up and bring them home where they immediately received food, water, and proper vetting. After Disco and her siblings received a bath and some love and care, they started to look better, and much more relaxed and at peace. We purchased two swimming pools and set Disco and her siblings up in a large area with lots of grass and sunlight.

Disco is a Rouen duck, a breed that is domesticated; therefore, Disco and her siblings would not have survived in the wild on their own. We are so happy that we are able to provide a safe home for them. Her absolute favorite activity is to splash around all day in her pool, even in the winter! She also loves foraging in the grass and taking naps in the sun with her siblings. We love watching her enjoy the life that she always deserved, and it is so amazing to think back to the rough start of her life versus what her life looks like now. We love her and are honored to have her here at the sanctuary.