Gerald's story

Gerald, along with his brother Gus, arrived at UNH on May 15, 2021 after concerned citizens saw that they were being given away for free on Craigslist. We knew that there was a major risk that Gus and Gerald could end up in the wrong hands, so we coordinated their release and transport, and brought them home to UNH. They joined Moe, Pip and Boris, and the five of them make up UNH’s goat gang!

The goat gang is always getting into mischief, and Gerald especially loves starting trouble! He spends hours a day trying to hook his horns into the wire pasture fence, or really anything that he can try and disassemble! Some of his favorite times are when volunteers come to visit him at UNH. He loves meeting new people and is the first to run up and stand on his back two legs to say hi. He spends his days running around with his four buddies and taking long naps inside the hay feeder. We’re so happy that Gerald and Gus are living safely at UNH instead of what could have been their fate via the internet.