Josephine's story

Josephine was rescued in March 2022 from a breeding operation whose purpose was to sell sheep to slaughter for Easter. We were picking up Roo the lamb from this farm, and the farmer let us know that he had a ewe who he would be sending to a livestock auction. She had just given birth and the farmer planned to keep her children, and ship Josephine to auction. We convinced the farmer to surrender her and brought her home to UNH on April 5, 2022.

Josephine is a very sweet, shy girl who is slowly learning to trust humans again. We aren’t sure what her past life was like, but we can assume from her extreme fear of humans, that it may not have been a happy one. She was torn from her children as soon as they were born and scheduled to be sold. We’re so grateful that the farmer agreed to surrender her so we can show Josephine what it feels like to be safe and loved. She has really taken to the rest of the sheep at UNH, and we are looking forward to watching the relationships with her new family blossom.