Roo's story

Roo was born on March 19, 2022 for the purpose of being killed for Easter. He was born with a tongue defect and was unable to nurse from his mother, therefore, needed to be bottle fed to survive. The farmer was unwilling to bottle feed Roo and surrendered him to us instead. His birth defect ultimately saved his life. Had he not been surrendered, he would have been sent to slaughter with the rest of the lambs at the farm.

Roo arrived at UNH on April 5th, 2022 at only a few weeks old. He was a spunky little ball of energy and bonded to us immediately. Roo spent the first few weeks in the house with us and we set him up his own private room complete with a play pen, toys for enrichment, blankets and huge teddy bear to comfort him as he was sadly without his mother. Roo moved outside into a larger enclosure after a month in the house, and has begun slowly meeting his new sheep family. He is still too small to be outside without supervision, so we take him on walks to meet everyone around the sanctuary each night. He absolutely loves exploring and showing us his zoomies and he follows us wherever we go. We know his new family is going to adore him. Roo is an absolute sweetheart, and we can’t wait to watch him grow up and continue sharing his journey with you.