Darla's story

Darla was rescued from an extreme hoarding case in early 2022. The owner of the property that she was liberated from had been sick for a long time and stopped caring for the animals. They began breeding and reproducing, many starved to death, and the property wasn’t found by law enforcement until the owner passed away. We brought Darla and her two friends, Millie and Bee, to UNH. They were in medical quarantine for three months due to a severe parasite infection. All three were very underweight and dehydrated. We nursed them back to health during those three months, until they were finally able to come out of quarantine and meet the rest of the herd.

Darla is a sweet, curious girl who was the first to leap out of quarantine into the pasture and begin exploring. She bonded very quickly to the rest of the goats and is now healthy, happy and full of life. Her favorite snack is bananas, she can even smell when we’re hiding them in our pockets! We’re so happy that Darla survived the hoarding case and is now cared for immensely and able to live the life that she always deserved.