Valentino's story

Valentino was born at UNH on Valentine’s Day 2022 to his mother, Charlotte. Charlotte was liberated from a dairy farm in December 2021 at 10-years-old while she was four months pregnant with Valentino. At Charlotte’s age, she has had eight or nine children stolen from her in her lifetime, and Valentino is the first child that she will be able to nurture and finally become a mother to.

Since the day Valentino was born, he has not left his mother’s side. He is a curious, silly, spunky, smart little boy and he was born ready to take on the world. It has been amazing watching him discover simple things in life like dirt, grass, birds and the wind blowing on his face for the first time. He has already bonded to a few other residents at the sanctuary, especially his Uncle Forrest who is an eight month old steer! Valentino spends his days playing with Forrest, napping in the sun with his mother, and showing everyone how he can “zoomie” across the pasture.

Had Valentino been born on the dairy farm, he would have been sent to slaughter simply because he was born male in an industry that sees him as worthless because he doesn’t produce milk. Luckily, he will grow up knowing his mother’s love for the rest of his life, and we are so honored to be able to witness the bond that they share and have the opportunity to watch Valentino grow!